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What is the aim of the Ignition study?

A group of healthcare professionals

In Ireland, the healthcare of young people with cerebral palsy (CP) transfers from child to adult services at age 18 years. There is consistent evidence that poor management of the transition from child to adult health services is associated with deterioration in health, increased hospitalisations, and reduced quality of life. While
international research identifies key practices that can improve the experience and outcomes of this transition, there is no research examining how the process of transition is managed for young people with CP in Ireland.

The Ignition study aims to assess gaps in current management of transition, and explore perspectives of young people with CP, their families and health professionals on how to implement practices to improve transition in an Irish context.

Who can take part?

We are looking for health professionals who provide services to young people with cerebral palsy in Ireland to take part in this study.

If you would like to take part click the button below

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How you can get involved

We are recruiting young people with CP and service providers from all over Ireland. If you are interested in sharing information or acting as gatekeeper please contact a member of the research team by clicking the button below

Can I download a copy of the study information?

Yes. You can download the full study details by clicking this link:

Participant information leaflet.

This information leaflet will open in a new page please return to this website when you are finished. 

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